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How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement

Want to sell your structured settlement payments? People have different reasons why they want to sell their structured settlement. The most common reason is that people are looking for a way out of a financial situation, or want to make a large purchase and it would better server them to have their structured settlement payments in one lump sum. If this sounds familiar, fill out the form above or call 855.834.8117, and let our very experience staff educate you and help you get the most money for your structured settlement payments.


Step 1

Fill out the contact form above or call 855.834.8117.


Step 2

Our friendly staff will ask you questions allowing them to come up with various options. We will educate you and help you chose the option that best fits your needs


Step 3

Collect a lump sum from your structured settlement annuity payments.


How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement

The first thing you need to know is that a structured settlement is a financial tool designed for people who suffered from personal injuries. It is an option that a person can opt for as part of a personal injury settlement. Instead of receiving a lump sum, the individual can decide on a structured settlement, wherein payments are made in a staggered manner in accordance to the goals and needs of the person.

The person with a structured settlement is guaranteed to receive payments to cover expenses incurred during a personal injury accident. However, there are times when one’s financial situation changes and the person needs to sell one’s structured settlement.

Major Reasons for Selling a Structured Settlement

Selling your structured settlement is a long and complicated process. Before getting the approval of a judge, you need to determine how much of the structured settlement you want to sell. It is also important to have a valid reason for your decision. The judge will determine whether the sale of the structured settlement will have an effect on your financial status in the future.

The next step is to look for a funding company and tell them, “I want to sell my structured settlement.” The company that you choose must have your best interests in mind. Another thing to look for in the company is that it must use its own money to buy the structured settlement. You should also find out if the company is experienced in handling the transfer based on court order. It is also important to select the company that you are comfortable with. The process of selling the structured settlement starts by submitting the documents such as the policy, benefit’s letter, and the settlement agreement. The company will use the documents to verify whether the information is accurate.

After the review of the documents, you need the services of an attorney to file the approval of the transfer with the court. The judge will then schedule a hearing to determine whether you need the money or not. If the judge finds no problems with the transfer, then he will sign the approval papers. Once approved by the judge, the order will be sent to the insurance company to transmit the money.

After the review of the documents, you need the services of an attorney to file the approval of the transfer with the court. The judge will then schedule a hearing to determine whether you need the money or not. If the judge finds no problems with the transfer, then he will sign the approval papers. Once approved by the judge, the order will be sent to the insurance company to transmit the money.

What is a Structured Settlement


Are you wondering what is a structured settlement and how it affects the money you receive after winning an injury lawsuit? If so, read on and find out more information here below about structured settlements and why it makes sense to consider using one. Let us get started by first defining the term structured settlement:


What is a Structured Settlement?


Basically, a structured settlement refers to a financial tool that is designed to offer a periodic payment when settling or paying out a claim for damages. The installment payments may be stretched out for several years. Therefore, the answer to the question of what is a structured settlement is that it is regular payments made over several years. Rather than having to cope with the difficult decisions and unexpected stress that comes with a huge amount of money, structured settlements offer an economically logical and the safest payment method.


Why It Makes Sense?


Most cases involving injuries are normally settled with payments to the claimant. However, when you are dealing with a permanent or serious injury, then finding out what is a structured settlement becomes important. This is due to the fact that with these kinds of injuries or complications, there may be a whole lifetime worth of medical expenses involved.


Actually, one of the main reasons that structured settlements were developed was the worry that the injured individuals who opt for lump sum payments usually spend most of it without saving it for future obligations. Nevertheless, if you think you can be able to handle the lump sum amount, you still have the opportunity to sell your structured settlement. To help answer the question of what is a structured settlement and whether it is the best option, you should consider the following benefits.


Tax-free income – The main advantage of using structured settlements over a lump sum amount is the fact that they are free of tax. This is an excellent solution for those who do not want to share any portion of their settlement with the government. The only tax you will pay once you understand what is a structured settlement is the returns of any business investment you make using the money.


Flexibility – What is a structured settlement and how does it offer flexibility? You can easily structure the regular payments based on your current expenditure and any other planned expenses in future. You can choose to start with smaller payments and then rise steadily to larger payments.


Finally, as we finish answering the question of what is a structured settlement, it is important that you realize that as soon as you accept this kind of payment, it will be a binding agreement that cannot be changed. So, ensure you understand all your options before making that decision.

Should I Sell My Structured Settlement?


Receiving a structured settlement is one of the best outcomes for any personal injury case, outside of the court room. However, not all structured settlements benefit you in the right amounts. Many people who have structured settlement end up asking themselves “Should I sell my structured settlement?”


Should You Sell?


When you are thinking “should I sell my structured settlement?” the first thing that you should figure out is if the lump sum amount of your settlement would be more beneficial in the long run. Since there are many companies that will buy a structured settlement if you have been receiving one, it can be hard to find the best company to sell to.


If you are wondering if you should sell your structured settlement, you should shop around before you make your decision. All the companies that buy settlements will most often give you a discount on the annuity value when you get a lump sum payout. However, many will offer to try to buy your structured settlement for much less than what the settlement is really worth.


Other Considerations


When you are looking to sell your structured settlement, you will have to jump through many legal hoops. To sell a structured settlement, you will need to get your state’s court to sign off of the sale. This may seem counter-productive; however, this law is in place to stop people from selling their settlements for unneeded things like cruises and expensive vehicles.


Most courts do not see purchases as a benefit to you in the long-term financially, so the court is not about to permit the sale of settlements for these reasons. This legislation is in place to protect the consumer. If you have a valid reason like needing the money to pay off debt, make a down-payment for house, buy a vehicle to be able to work, and paying for schooling, you will be able to sell your structured settlement. There are many more reasons than what is above, but the motivation behind the reasons is similar. The court sees these reasons for selling a settlement as valid, as they both better your life and your financial situation.  


While selling your structured settlement can get you are lump sum, you will need to be careful. Many times structured settlements are sold for much less than they are worth. When you are having thoughts about “Should I sell my structured settlement?” take some time to do your research and see what your structured settlement is worth. You also need to be ready to make your case about why you are selling your settlement, as you need to explain your reasons to the court before you can sell the settlement.

How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement


A structured settlement is a financial tool that is designed to offer tax-free, regular payments over an extended time to victims who have won personal injury lawsuits. Rather than facing the management issues and stress that is associated with receiving huge lump sums of money immediately, the recipient gets protected from spending too much money at once as they likely need it for managing the injury over their lifetime. However, you can still sell structured settlements if you need cash immediately. Read on and discover the answer to how do I sell my structured settlement?


Major Reasons for Selling a Structured Settlement


It could be that you need to buy a house, start a business, pay off debts, invest or even fund a university education. All these reasons mean that you would rather manage a lump sum among instead of the small periodic payments. It is vital to note that finding out how do I sell my structured settlement is actually very easy. Here are some of the key steps in the process to help you navigate selling your structdsured settlement.


Make a decisive choice to sell – The first step in learning how do I sell my structured settlement is first having valid reasons why you want to sell. That is the only way to ensure that the funds will be well utilized once you get them.


Research around for a good rate – It is critical that you only work with a reputable funding company, which has lots of experience in dealing with similar cases and is looking to protect your interests. Avoid using brokers who are only interested in making money from helping you out. Rather, choose a company that can safely guide you through the court transfer process, along with having good reviews from other clients.


Choose a company and start the process – Once you are confident in a specific company, you can now begin filling in the necessary paperwork. After submitting the paperwork from the settlement agreement to your identification documents, you then wait for some time for your materials to be reviewed. This is a crucial step in how do I sell my structured settlement, so ensure you have all the necessary documents ready.


Have a judge approve the sale – After verifying the correctness of all the relevant paperwork, the documents will be filed in court to plan a hearing. You must justify in court the reasons for how do I sell my structured settlement and then the judge approves the sale.


Finally, how do I sell my structured settlement varies from one state to the next. However, depending on your case, you could even qualify to receive an instant cash advance.

How to Sell My Structured Settlement Payments


There are some qualified reasons on why you prefer to receive a lump sum rather than receive a small portion of the money through periodic payment. Probably you are planning to open a new business venture, or fund a college education or do a major repair in your residential property, selling your structured settlement would be the ideal choice. In case you are asking ‘how to sell my structure settlement payments’ let this article serve as your guide.


A Comprehensive Guide on How to Sell My Structured Settlement Payments


The process of selling your annuity is relatively simple. We even made it easier for you to understand by minimizing the whole procedure into 5 easy steps.


  1. Make the firm decision- You should have a firm and valid decision when you are looking for ways on how to Sell My Structured Settlement Payments.The court will need to verify if you have a qualified reason and if this decision will not affect your future financial standing.
  2. Shop Around- When you want to Sell My Structured Settlement Payments, you have to look at it like you are acquiring insurance. You have to shop around and find the company that offers the best value for your structured settlement. You need to make sure that you will do business with a Funding company that is trustworthy and committed to uphold your interest and rights. They should be willing to use their own cash to fund and have experience in undergoing the transfer process. You should also take a look at some review site such as BBB and make sure that they are verified and has an excellent rating.
  3. 3. Choosing the Company- After doing your research, you must find the ideal company that you want to work with. This will commence the process of selling your structured settlement. The process will start with the completion of the document and paperwork. After you managed to submit the entire documents needed to Sell My Structured Settlement Payments, the company will then review to verify its accuracy.
  4. 4. Getting approved by the Judge- As we mentioned above, you will need to have a valid reason in order to get the approval of the court. You are required to justify your immediate need of money, and the court will analyze if your action will place the finance of the family in jeopardy. In case there are no problems, you will be receiving an approval to Sell My Structured Settlement Payments.
  5. 5. Receive Your Lump Sum-After it receives an approval, the judge will sign the document which grants a go signal on the transaction. The documents will then be sent directly to the insurance company.


After signing the contract from a funding company, it commonly takes around 45 days before you Sell My Structured Settlement Payments. However, you need to keep in mind that the process of selling annuity highly depends on the state you live in since there are certain state laws that regulates the purchase of structured settlement.


I Want to Sell My Structured Settlement


Structured Settlement is a financial tool that is meant to provide a monthly and tax-free source of money for the people with personal injury cases for a considerable period of time.  These are intended for that person to deal with the recovery that is associated with his particular case.  But if you are thinking if you want to sell my structured settlement to receive a lump sum that you can use to start a business, for educational purposes and others, here is your short but comprehensive guide.

My Comprehensive Guide When I Want To Sell My Structured Settlement

As it was mentioned above, your lump sum can be used for a lot of purposes that needs an immediate source of money such as starting a business, repair your home, support a college education and others.  If you want to sell my structured settlement, the first thing you have to be aware of is the process of selling your structured settlement.

  1. Reach a decision- your decision should be definite, and you need to have a valid reason in selling it.  When you want to sell my structured settlement, be sure that it will not affect your future financial standing. 
  1. Research- Do not be settled on one funding company.  Do your own research and find the best possible quote that you can get when you want to sell my structured settlement.  Find a company with a good reputation.  They should also utilize their own money to fund your settlement.  They should not be a broker.  Check their profile at BBB and they should have an A rating and good review on their clients.
  1. The Company Should Be proactive-If you are pretty determined to sell my structured settlement, the company that you choose should be active in staring the process of sales.  You should do nothing more but to fill up the form and the funding company should take care of the paperwork and the documentation process.
  1. Getting approved by the Judge- After the documentation process is done and is fully signed, the lawyer will take it to the court and the judge has to approve the selling before it can proceed.  They need to guarantee that you are not compromising the financial state of your family in the future.
  1. Receive Your Money-  Finally after the judge approve the selling of structured settlement the signed documents will be sent to the funding company for payment processing, you just have to sit tight and wait for your money after that.

The whole process involve if you want to sell my structured settlement usually takes around 45 days.  However, the estimated time can vary depending on the state you are in since there are different legal processes surrounding it.

Sell Structured Settlement


Are you looking for cash to stay afloat? Well, one way to do so is to sell structured settlement. However there are some people who are unfamiliar with the term, and there are others who are clueless that they can sell theirs. Well, here are the things you need to know about selling structured settlement.

First things first, structured settlement annuities are financial tool that is often used to provide tax-free payments to victims of personal injury cases. Instead of giving the victim a lump sum, the person receives portion of the money on a regular basis that can be used for injury related expenses.

How to Sell Structured Settlement

There are several reasons why you need to sell structured settlement. Whether it is to repair your home or buy a new one, pay off a debt, invest, start a college education fund, or divorce, selling your structured payments can provide you with a lump sum right away. The good news is that selling your structured settlement is not that hard. However, it involves determining how much to sell and going to court to get a judge’s approval for the request.

The first step is to decision whether you really want to sell structured settlement or not. You should be firm with your decision, and ensure that your reason is a valid one. Once you are a hundred percent about selling, then you need to find a funding company that is reliable and have your best interests in mind. The company will use its own money to fund and can complete the court ordered transfer process as quick as possible.

Once you have picked a funding company, the next step is to start the paperwork. Then submit the paperwork along with the other requirements to the transfer company. That way they can verify them and determine if they are accurate and complete.

Then the documents are filed with the court by a local attorney, and the court will set a date for the hearing. You can’t do anything at this point except to wait. The court will ask you to justify why you need the lump sum, and whether you are putting your future at risk. Unless the judge sees any problems with the transfer request, the judge will then approve your request to sell structured settlement. Once you got the approval, the judge will sign the order, and it will be delivered to the insurance company.

The average waiting period for the money to be delivered by the insurance company after the request was approved is around 45 days. However, each transaction differs from one another, and there are instances in which you are qualified for an instant cash advance.

These are the things you need to know when you want to sell structured settlement. It is important to consult a settlement broker to determine how much you can get when you want to sell your annuities. Just make sure that the broker is a reputable one.

Sell My Structured Settlement – How?


If I am to sell my structured settlement, I would surely want to learn more all about before making a decision right away. After all, structured settlements are considered as financial compensations which come as a result after a lawsuit. These types of payments have been reimbursed as installment every month. A structured settlement provides the guarantee to a fixed income earner a predetermined period, or for the entire lifetime of a person. They are structured so that long-term compensation funds are made available in proportion to the incurred losses as an outcome after an accident. These payouts can provide reimbursement to any incapability or disability after an accident.

More about Structured Settlements

These structured settlements have been designed in order to offer moderately enough flow of cash for a person who has been incapacitated. There are different factors which are usually taken into consideration as these payments are being calculated. They often include factors such as the degree of disability, the severity of the accident, as well as the estimated income of the person injured in the future. Even though these payments offer a stable and regular cash flow, they are generally not enough in order to meet some medical costs as well as unexpected cash requirements. For these very reasons, I, same with other people, prefer to sell my structured settlement.

Most of the time many people sell their structured settlements in order to fund sudden cash needs. This is a practical and conventional option, since selling these does not really include secured assets or risks. As such, people can easily get instant money. There are also other people who sell their structured settlements according to their actual financial need, only getting the amount proportion to it. For instance, if the cash requirement is just small, only a part of the settlement is sold. With this, the remaining payments may also be retained in order to get regular installments according to the original plans.

At the same time, some people also opt to sell the entirety of their structured settlement even if their cash need is huge. Some, for instance, sell in order to use the money for investing in profitable investments. By selling these payments in a legal and secure way, they can get the money that they need. This is also an advantage on their part because listed insurance companies often distribute these payments, thus making them safe and viable.

As I am planning to sell my structured settlement, I also choose to approach a reliable funding company, as they are known to specialize in the trade of structure settlement. With their professional help, there is an assurance of a secure transaction.