how do I sell my annuityGuide on How Do I Sell My Annuity


It is so common nowadays to hear people asking us ‘how do I sell my annuity’.  But before we guide you on the process of selling your annuity, you need to ensure that you have a valid reason for selling your annuity.  For instance, if you have inherited an annuity and you realized that it would be better to receive a lump sum.  Perhaps, your family is experiencing sudden change, and you need an immediate source of cash.  Your reason for selling your annuity will play a huge role on whether you can sell your annuity or not.

A Comprehensive Guide on How Do I Sell My Annuity

In the event that you have a valid reason and you find out that you are in dire need to raise money, selling your lump sum would be a great idea.  Whether you want to sell it to finance a college education, a business or a real estate property, knowing the answer to the question ‘how do I sell my annuity’ will provide you a great solution.

Get an Estimate of Your Annuity

When you are thinking about ‘how do I sell my Annuity’, you should start contacting different buyers to get an estimate of the payment that you will receive.  How much cash should you possibly get when selling your annuity?  Study shows that you will only receive 60- 70% of the real value of your annuity.  Be realistic about your expectation to avoid any disappointment on the quotes that the buy will offer to you.

Gather the Documents

Start gathering the document that is associated with your annuity.  In the event that you don’t have the necessary document, that is just fine.  The buyer of your annuity will help you in collecting the right documents that you need.

Accepting the Offer

Now that you have an idea about the estimated payment on your annuity, the next thing you need to do on ‘how do I sell my annuity’ would be to contact and notify the buyer that you are accepting their offer.  You can also ask for the revision of the quote in the event that you are not satisfied with their offer.  After accepting the offer, the buyer will immediately send you a copy of the agreement and other paperwork that you need to sign.

Court Order

As we mentioned earlier, your reason for selling is a major factor on ‘how do I sell my annuity’.  You or the buyer will need to obtain a court order that states that you are assigning the annuity rights to the buyer.  The judge will examine if selling your annuity is in your best interest.   After they receive the court order, the buyer should instantly issue you the amount of money stated on the agreement.

When you are thinking about selling your annuity, this guide on ‘how do I sell my annuity’ will provide you assistance on how the process works.



how do i sell my annuityTips to Help You When You Are Thinking “How do I sell my Structured Settlement Annuity”

When you are thinking about “How do I sell my structured settlement annuity?” you need to start the process by having a clear idea of what you want and need from your settlement. Knowing this will help you get what you want from the sale of the annuity, and it gives you a point to start looking for a qualified buyer. This important work needs to be done before looking for a buyer. Most people who end up selling their structured settlement do not plan properly, which causes them not to get the most from the sale. Here is what you are going to need to get the process started.

1. What Does The Structured Settlement Annuity Agreement Say?

If you want information about “how to sell my structured settlement annuity?” you should look over the agreement, especially the part of about payment, which will tell you if you can sell or not. The two most important things to look for are if you can transfer the payments without a penalty, and if the payments from the settlement are guaranteed. The answers to these questions will affect the amount of money that you are able to sell your settlement for.

2. What Is The Goal?

There are people who sell what is remaining of their structured settlements, while others only sell the payments they need for cash, and keep the rest of the payment of the structured settlement. When you are trying to figure out what method to use, you need to know how much money you need, and can you live comfortably without having the ongoing settlement payments.

3. What are the Options?

Depending on what you need the money for, and the amount of your settlement, the best option could be obvious. However, in most cases, it can be hard to figure out what the best option is. You need to have a clear idea of what you need now, and in the future, and then determine what you need from the deal. Since there is no one reason to sell, you should take your time to look at the options that you have.

Taking the time to plan how to sell my structured settlement annuity is important. Most buyers are going to want to buy the annuities for cheap. You need to have a plan in place to make sure that you are getting what you need and want. Depending on your needs and your goals, you may find that you do not need to sell all of yours structured settlement annuity. Take the time to think about all of your options, before you sell.


How Do I Sell My Annuity

There are a lot of reasons why you want to sell your annuity; maybe you prefer to have a lump sum of your structured settlement, or you want to support a significant change in your life such as medical condition or supporting a new business venture.  Once you are determined to sell your annuity, the next point of consideration that you may ask yourself is “how do I sell my annuity?”   Here is a short guide that will help you to sell your annuity.


How Do I Sell My Annuity:  A Short but Comprehensive Guide in Selling Annuity

Evaluating your Annuity

Before you find an insurance company that will purchase your annuity, be sure to evaluate the cost of your annuity.  You have to find out the resell value of your structured settlement.  If you are not sure about the details of this, hire an accountant to help you and guide you.  Always remember that when you are asking about “how do I sell my annuity” you will get a lesser amount of money compared to the aggregate cost of your structured settlement.

Understanding the Tax

Annuities are considered tax free from your initial investment up to this time that you are thinking about “how do I sell my annuity”.  However, the distribution in your structured settlement comes with a tax.  This generally implies that aside from the payment from selling your annuity that is taxable, the distribution is also taxable.  The net gains that you gain from selling your annuity are taxable as a general income; a 10% tax is also applied once you decided to withdraw on your annuity before the age of 59.

What Type of Sell

When contemplating about “how do I sell my annuity” the next thing you have to consider is the type of selling.  You may sell it partially, reverse and split.


When selling your annuity, the next step after considering the above factor would be finding the potential buyer that will give you a reasonable quote.  When asking for a quote, you should only give the basic information about you which include your name and your email address, no more, no less.  Never give sensitive information such as your social security digit or financial information when thinking about how I sell my annuity.

Hire a Broker

When you can’t find a prospective buyer on your own, you may hire a broker that will do the job for you.  You have to pay the broker a fee, but the price is reasonable considering the amount of benefit you can get from a broker.  Check the license and certification of the broker before you decide to hire him and help you on your journey on how do I sell my annuity.

Picking the Best Offer

Your broker will present a lot of potential buyer, but you will definitely hear a recommendation from him.  However, do remember that the last decision must come from you.  Once you pick the ideal buyer, you have to arrange all the paper works and documents needed to initiate the selling.

When thinking on how I sell my annuity, you have to take a considerable amount of time to study the possibilities when selling your annuity.  If the companies will see you as someone that is determined to sell his annuity but not in a hurry, there is a high possibility that you will get a better deal.



Sell My Annuity: Here’s why I Am Giving It a Careful Thought

Should I sell my annuity? This is one question that I have been repeatedly asking myself. I am sure that if you have an annuity, the same thought might have crossed your mind several times in the past. Having an annuity can be beneficial for a number of reasons, such as for having a steady stream of income. Nonetheless, annuities are not given in lump sum. Therefore, if you need a huge amount of cash, you cannot rely on annuities. The latter, however, is the case before. Recently, selling annuities has been popular to be provided with a lump sum. Personally, I have been thinking if I should sell my annuity or keep it.

Why I Am Considering To Sell My Annuity

The biggest reason why I am thinking of having my annuity sold for cash is because of the fact that it is going to give me a lump sum. This amount of money is nowhere what I can make in the past few months. With this lump sum, I will have the financial resources that are available upon my disposal. I can buy a new home or car. I can also start my dream business. This is definitely better than applying for a loan to be able to sustain my current financial needs.

What’s Hindering Me from having it Sold?

I have to carefully weigh everything before I sell my annuity. It is not enough that I know the pros. I should also know what some of its drawbacks are. One of the downfalls is that there will be a financial compromise. Buyers of annuities will generally ask for a discount, which means that the selling price can be lower than the actual value of the annuity. It can also be a complicated process as you might need to work with lawyers and brokers. Lastly, you will also no longer have a supplemental income.

What Should I Do

As of now, I am pretty much convinced that it is better to sell my annuity than to keep it.  After a quick research online, I found out that an astoundingly high percentage of people who have sold their annuities were extremely happy with the decision that they have made. There was no trace of regret from what they chose to do. I believe that I will be enjoying the same fate if I decide to sell my annuity.

For anyone who is thinking of selling their annuities, I have one important advice. Make sure to use your money wisely. The best way is to use it to find a business and be educated in its growth so that the yields will be multiple folds.