The Process of “How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement”


how do I sell my structured settlement paymentsIf you have been injured and are receiving a structured settlement, you know all too well how life throws change at you so fast. Why aren’t your payments changing then to keep up with the cost of living over time? If you need the money that is sitting in the annuity that is paying you over the course of years, now, then selling your structured settlement could be an option for you. Be aware that selling your structured settlement comes with surrender charges that can be upwards of ten percent. Also if you are under fifty-nine and a half, you will also face penalties and taxes on the surrender. If you are asking the question how do I sell my structured settlement, there are steps you need to understand to help you maneuver through process.


To Many Options


The 2 best options out there are Velocity Settlement Funding and Liberty Settlement Funding to buy your structured settlement annuity. Being an informed consumer of these financial settlement funding companies will help you move through the vast sea in answering the question how do I sell my structured settlement.


Acceptance Offer


Once you have chosen the best company to sell your structured settlement to, then you need to get a quote and receive their offer. If you agree to their offer, then you need to accept it, and they will then send you the documents that you need to sign and get notarized. It may be a good idea to have a financial planner and possibly a lawyer go over all documents.


Legal Channels


The settlement funding company then processes the documents and hires and sends them to a local attorney. The attorney then files the documents with the local courts to be reviewed and to set up a hearing in front of a judge.


Court Hearing


It may be required for you to appear in court so the judge can make sure that the actual selling of the structured settlement is in your best interest. Do not look at it as a slight or that you are causing some sort of issue, it is the court systems way of protecting you financially. If the judge agrees that it is in your best interest, he will sign the order and send it to the insurance company as notice of payment due.


Getting Your Money


The insurance company or Annuity Company receives notice that you are requesting the sale of the annuity they wire transfer the money to the settlement funding company who then wires it into your bank account. It usually takes anywhere from a month or two to actually have the cash so keep that in mind.


So if you are asking the how do I sell my structured settlement question, the process described above hopefully will help. There are numerous things to keep in mind like finding a trustworthy settlement funding company and how long it will be before you have your money are but a few.


How do I Sell my Structured Settlement

how do I sell my structured settlement paymentsIn life, it is important to note that you will always have a better understanding of your financial needs. Structured settlement payments may be defined as periodical payments received by an individual as part of a settlement of some sort. Mostly these payments are court settlements. A lump sum settlement is divided into periodic payments to ensure that recipients do not end up blowing all their money in one go. However, recipients can sell their structured settlement payments in exchange for a lump sum payment to be used in covering your cash needs. This is where the question how do I sell my structured settlement payments? It comes in.

Why Sell Structured Settlement Payments?

Before we answer the question how do I sell my structured settlement  payments? It is important to have an idea of some of the situations when you can consider selling your structured settlement payments. Funding a new business, putting down a deposit on your dream home, covering huge medical bills and paying off debts are among the main reasons why people sell their structured settlements for a lump sum. Since everyone is different, your financial situation determines the reason why you would want to sell structured settlement payments. It is, therefore, important that you assess your life and find a suitable reason for selling your payments.

The next step in answering the question how do I sell my structured settlement payments? It is contacting a reliable company to deal with. Take the time to assess the companies involved in buying structured settlement payments and identify the best option. Customer reviews and ratings are among the main factors to consider when identifying the best company to deal with. Once you have made a choice, approach them. A representative will provide you with all the necessary details and requirements of selling your payments.

The process of Selling Structured Settlement Payments

It is worth mentioning that the process of selling your payments can be quite complicated from a legal point of view. As you find out more about “how do I sell my structured settlement payments?” Be sure to have a legal adviser at your side. The company you are dealing with may have legal professionals at hand to help you fulfill any legal requirements faster and conveniently; otherwise, you may have to find your own legal adviser.

The application to sell structured settlement payments must go before a judge for approval. Finding a company that has a lot of experience in this front will give you a better chance of getting faster approval.

With the above facts in mind you will have the information you need to answer the question, how do I sell my structured payments? Most importantly, you will have an easier time understanding the entire process when it comes to actually selling your payments.


Process of “How Do I Sell my Structured Settlement Payments”
sell structured settlement paymentsHow to sell my structured settlement payments is a commonly asked question. structured settlement is usually after a personal injury, workers compensation claim or disability occurs, and there is some form of settlement made by the insurance company of the owner, employer of the opposing party. When you get a structured settlement, it is usually broken out over weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual payments to the injured party.


If you need cash or a loan for something major then selling your structured settlement payments may be an option. You can seek out different settlement funding companies to see who offers the best prices or highest offers when selling my structured settlement payments. There are several online like J.G. Wentworth, Liberty Settlement Funding and Fairfield Funding who will buy your structured settlements.


If you are wondering what types of things warrant the thought you have to sell my structured settlement payments, things like major home repairs, starting a business, paying for college or paying down those costly medical bills you have built up from you injury. These types of emergency or opportunities could be once in a lifetime things or something you feel passionate about that outweigh the risks associated with selling.


Find One That Pays


Finding the best return when trying to sell my structured settlement payments is what you are looking for. Most will offer an average of about a twelve percent discounted rate while others will charge up to thirty percent for their discounted rates.


Judge Rules


Most states have enacted laws that require a judge to oversee the contracts for settlement buy-outs for only one purpose, to protect the seller from predatory lending practices. So after you find a funding company that offers the best-discounted rate, they will hire a lawyer to do all paper work and get you a court date before a judge.

Half or All In


You can sell only half of your structured settlement, or you can sell the entire lump for upfront cash. It is up to you what you think your future holds for you as far as needing money later in life. If you decide to only sell half, you can at a later date sell either half or all of what remains.


Money in Hand


Usually, it takes between thirty to ninety days to get your money in hand. Some lending companies are faster while some are a little slower. This also depends on the filing of the judgment and how quickly the paperwork gets turned around and processed.


When you are asking the question what is the process to sell my structured settlement payments, there is a need to do your research into different structured settlement funding companies to make sure you get the best deal. Make sure you think everything through and you have enough to keep you afloat especially if you can no longer work because of a disability.




Sell Structured Settlement Payments – The Things to Consider


sell structured settlement paymentsNow, there are quite a lot of things that you might want to take into account if you want to sell structured settlement payments. Right off the bat, you need to understand what the nature of these payments is. They are usually owed under some sort of a structured settlement. For instance, if you’ve been involved in an accident and the party which is at fault has agreed to settle the case without going to court, you have a structured settlement.


Under this settlement, you are entitled to receive a certain amount of money over a certain period of time in increments which are agreed upon. However, in certain situations, you might not have interest in receiving those payments over time. That’s when you might want to re-consider and sell structured settlement payments in order to meet some current expenses. Let’s take a look.


Emergency Situations


If you’ve found yourself in a situation in which you need cash fast, the best thing to do is to sell structured settlement payments. You are going to get a nice value for them, and you will be able to quickly meet the emergency expenses. They might include a wide range of different things such as when your car breaks down or if you or someone from your family has been involved in an accident and needs to get his bills handled quickly.


Investment Opportunities


If a proper investment opportunity presents itself, you will need a considerable amount of money to start with. Instead of going for credits and applying for loans, you might want to simply sell structured settlement payments. This is going to provide you with the initial capital to start off, and you can easily get on with the undertaking without having to repay loans afterwards.


You Inherited the Settlement


It is quite possible for you to inherit a structured settlement. If your sibling has passed away and he had been the beneficiary under a settlement of the kind, you will be capable of getting the money as an inheritor. Of course, you might not need the cash paid under the terms of the agreement, and you might want to get them all at once. This is when you might want to simply sell the structured settlement payments for a considerable quote and use the money as you see fit.


There are different occasions, as you can see, and the chance to actually get the cash in advance is very convenient. It could be a great problem solver if everything is handled accordingly.


All You Need to Know about Selling Your Structured Settlement

how do I sell my structured settlementEven though you may feel trapped when it comes to selling your structured settlement, there is actually a solution that can help you out overcome this obstacle. If you are wondering “How do I sell my structured settlement?” and you are searching for the best options available, you need to turn to a structured settlement company and let them know what you are planning to do.

How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement?

First of all, you need to find the exact worth of your structured settlement. This will allow you to get better judgment as to whether or not you should continue on with your desire to sell. After having done that, you will have to gather some paperwork. This might take a while, but there are some documents that you cannot do without.

The professionals working on your case can be of assistance if you want them to gather the legal documentations on your behalf. Then, you are ready to contact the potential buyer and ask for a quote. As a result, you will know if this quote is relevant to the actual value of your structured settlement. If it is not, you must decide how much you are willing to get as a minimum monetary gain for selling your structured settlement.

Upon agreement, there is the option of receiving a lump sum or choosing the frequent payments arranged by both parties at regular intervals. It is up to you to decide which payment method is the best for you and your personalized needs. You will then be urged to sign the agreement and wait for the court order.

After having dealt with the court, the buyer should be ready to deposit the money and take hold of the structured settlement. This is the standard procedure and, if dealt with properly, it is a safe and reliable way for you to sell your structured settlement.

Is This a Quick Process?

Well, even though there are some procedures that might take time (for instance, the gathering of all the paperwork required for the application about the structured settlement sale), overall this is a quick and safe process. After clarifying some fundamental issues about the sale, you will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of an easy, prompt procedure that is over before you know it.

Weigh your options, so as to find the most fruitful deal for selling your structured settlement and go ahead with the process. With the help of the experts, this sale is certainly going to be a success!

How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement?


How do I sell my structured settlement? This question has been lingering the minds of people who are interested in doing so. One thing to know is that the very first step in selling a structured settlement is having the idea as to the amount in which it can be sold, as well as searching for a suitable buyer. The details that buyers need in conducting a sale also include the state in which the residence of the seller is located, as well as the insurance company. If you want to proceed, you have to submit copies of the annuity policy and settlement agreement.

The Process Involved

You may also avail of the offered services by brokers who are in the authority to lead you to some favorable deals. However, it is very important to be aware that brokers are not necessarily under exclusive contract with underwriters. Another option is annuitants. They have access to immediate cash made available by selling of either a portion or the entire structured settlement to companies buying them.

However, when taking this option, there is often a cost that is involved along with the process since companies that pay upfront cash often deduct the amount for tax, as well as their profit. As a matter of fact, selling your structured settlement needs to be avoided since the actual amount that is received is relatively less compared to the amount that will be obtained in the standard way of events.

If you have been asking yourself “How do I sell my structured settlement?” it is also important to understand that you do should not incur any cost during the process of selling. It is the funding company that pays the legal costs as well as any type of upfront expenses incurred. The process may take about two months for completion. So as to ensure of a safe and secure sale, it is very important to consult with a tax advisor as well as a legal professional who is experienced when it comes to selling structured settlements.

Make sure that you understand the involved process for underwriting that is followed by a buying company. This is very important in obtaining clarity as to the amount that you can receive out of the sale of your structured settlement. After realizing that the sale is in favor to you as well as your dependents, the court will then issue an order for the insurance company to send the payments to your buyer moving forward. This transaction is usually non-taxable for both the buyer and you as the seller. The process involved in selling structured settlement is generally simple, as long as you are familiar with the guidelines involved.




How to Sell Your Structured Settlement

There are a lot of people who’re looking to get a lump sum of money as soon as possible. Whether you’re trying to pay off a college education, repair or buy a new home, pay off an existing debt, invest or start a new business or even divorce, all of these are valid reasons to get a huge amount of money in your hands in a fast and easy way.

A lot of people turn to selling their structured settlement because it’s one of the easiest ways to get a lump sum of money. But what is structured settlement? These are annuities that are a type of financial instrument that is normally used for giving regular and tax-free payments to the victims of personal injury over long periods of time.

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I sell my structured settlement?” then you don’t have to worry because it’s not that difficult to do. There are appropriate steps on how to sell your structured settlement, deciding on how much you would sell it and meeting a judge about your request.

How do I Sell My Structured Settlement?”

Here are 5 steps that you should follow in order to sell your structured settlement:

  1. Decide to sell: Make sure that when you sell your structured settlement that you give a valid reason and ensure that it will not have any effect on your future needs financially.
  1. Look for a funding company: To ensure that the whole process of you selling your settlement, you should find a funding company that will give good service on your sale and provide a discount rate. They should be reputable in their service, can complete the orders of the court and they should be able to use their own money to fund your possible requests.
  1. Choose the best company: To start your selling process, you should first choose the best company that you think can help you out with the entire process. After such, you can start with all the paperwork. This includes submitting settlement agreements, annuity policy, application form, and ID. All these materials will then be reviewed so that the company could ensure that they are all accurate and complete.
  1. Letting the judge approve your sale: After submitting your request, it will be returned to you when they are fully signed. This will then be signed in the court, and you will have a schedule of your hearing. Once on the court, you would have to prove that your sale will not put you and your family financial needs in jeopardy and that you have a valid reason. If the judge sees that your request is valid, he/she will then approve your sale.
  1. Getting your money: If the judge approves your request, he will sign the order and the transaction will be forwarded to your insurance company for your funds.

If you’re wondering on, “how do I sell my structured settlement” you should just ensure that you have a valid reason on doing so and that you will have no problems in the future. Make sure that you do all the paperwork, and you’re all set to go.

How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement?

A structured settlement is a type of annuity payment. These financial instruments designed to provide a periodical tax-free disbursement to victims who have received personal injury settlements. The main idea behind structured settlements is to ensure that the recipient uses the awarded money carefully for their medical or maintenance needs over an extended period. However, recipients can also cash in on their structured payments in exchange for a lump sum payment when in need.

Here is a detailed guide answering the question, how do I sell my structured settlement?

When Can I Sell My Structured Settlement?

Before you can sell structured settlements, you need to have a valid reason for doing so. As previously stated, these annuities are designed to ensure recipients have the income to sustain them over an extended period, selling them for a lump sum payment, is somewhat against this purpose. Investing in a business venture, divorce, paying college fees and settling mortgage debts to avoid foreclosure are among the valid reasons one can sell their structured settlement annuities in exchange for a lump sum.

How Can I Find a Company to Sell My Structured Settlement To?

Once you have a valid reason to sell your structured settlement annuities, the next step is to find the right company to deal with. It is vital that you identify the right company to sell to. It is recommended that you conduct some research online, and identify the top ranked companies dealing in structured settlement annuities. Look for a company with great customer reviews, helpful customer service/support, and the lowest discount rate.

What Paperwork do I Need to Sell My Structured Settlement?

You will have to submit duly filled forms to the company you have chosen to sell the structured settlement to, showing that you are the legal recipient of the same. The paperwork includes a duly filled application, the settlement agreement, annuity policy and ID.

Applying to the Court to Sell My Structured Settlement

Before you can sell your structured payment, you will need to apply to a court and get a judge to sign off on the sale. Your attorney will be required to provide the court with the necessary paperwork, including the reason why you have decided to sell the structured settlement. The main duty of the court is to ensure that you do not end up putting your future and that of your family in jeopardy by going through with the decision to sell the structured settlement. Provided that everything is as it should be, the judge will approve the sale.

What Is the Waiting Period after I Sell My Structured Settlement?

On average it takes about 45 days to complete the sale of structured settlement annuities and receive the cash.



Where Do I Sell my Structured Settlement?


where do I sell my Structured SettlementA structured settlement refers to the financial assistance given to personal injury victims in the form of set payments. Rather than getting all the money at once, the victim is set to receive regular payments at frequent intervals to cover all needs. In the case of substantial amounts of money being offered to the victim at once, there would be a high risk of suffering from bad judgment and investing the money poorly. Structured settlements have emerged in the financial market, in avoidance of such negative consequences and setbacks.

If, however, there is an imminent need that has to be covered in full, there is no reason in getting structured settlement annuities. On the contrary, this is where it is essential that the adequate money is found and put to use. Apparently, there is no way somebody would be able to foresee such needs. So there might be a problem that requires instant resolving; this is exactly where selling one’s structured settlement becomes a widespread demand.

How to Sell the Structured Settlement

The process of selling your structured settlement annuities is not hard to complete. There is no technical requirement involved, and there is no need for the procedure to be prolonged. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it can happen overnight. Instead, you will be obliged to sell the structured settlement to the highest bidder and get in front of a judge. The latter happens because it is essential to determine whether the decision of the sale has been made objectively or not.

You had better work with a trustworthy funding company that boasts proven experience in the field of where do I sell my structured settlement, as well as stellar feedback. This is going to be your ticket to smooth and easy funding of your imminent necessities. There will be a lot of documents to fill out and send, of course. All this documentation will be revised by the jury, and the final decision will be determined based on these details.

If you choose wisely, you can expect an immediate money relief from the funding company you work with. In this way, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some cash flow and have the rest of the money scheduled in the near future. When everything runs smoothly, you can expect the payment to be made within as early as a month after the application for where do I sell my structured settlement.

Bottom Line

You can go ahead and found out where do I sell my structured settlement annuities. There is nothing complicated in the process, and you can benefit from instant cash flow to deal with daily challenges.

Where Do I Sell My Structured Settlement?

Where do I sell my structured settlement? Searching for a company that will buy your structured settlement can be a tricky process.  While there are a number of companies offering to buy your structured settlement, you are still unsure whether you are receiving a fair quote from them.   You always need to consider the year of the company in the business of buying annuity.  You should also conduct a detailed review about the company such as the review and testimonials of authentic people, their profile at the Better Business, company rating, the yelp profile as well as the review and their ability to respond to your concerns immediately.

So what are your options when wondering “where do I sell my structured settlements?”  One of the best ways is to locate an insurance agent or company that is expert in connecting the purchaser to the seller.  There are also annuity brokerages that are offering to buy your structured settlement.

Insurance Company or Agent

Those who have annuity and are thinking of selling it should definitely be aware that they can take a certain loss when selling due to the cost of transaction.  But there are special instances where the interest rate has considerably drop from the date they are purchased creating the possibility of a higher profit.  Insurance agent is the best possible way on how you can find an interested buyer.   These insurance companies are well versed in the conditions surrounding your annuity.  They are also determined to sell your annuity s they will be able to receive some incentive from the company once they were able to find the best possible conciliation between the seller and the buyer.  They will take no commission from the seller as they normally receive a handsome commission from the buyers.

Annuity Brokerages

In the event that you do not want to sell it through an insurance company, you have another alternative; specialized annuity brokerages.  This specialized brokerage also connects the seller to the buyer.  But keep it in mind that they usually charge you with a higher transaction cost.  Some of the popular specialized brokerages are Annuity Advantage, Annuity1, and others.  Recent development in this area has improved the level of transparency to allow the sellers to find the better option for them.

Strategic Selling

Both the brokerage and the insurance company can offer you different options depending on your desire and condition.  You may have a split purchase, reverse purchase, partial purchase and straight purchase.

Split purchase is done to sell the annuity for a specific period of time just to receive a lump sum of your desired money.  Reverse purchase involves the selling of a fraction of your annuity.  Partial is a lump sum of the fraction of money that you receive on a monthly basis, and straight payment is the usual way of selling your entire annuity. I hope this helps when you are wondering “how do I sell my structured settlement?“.

How do I sell my Structured Settlement?

With the way the economy has turned, it’s no wonder many people are looking for ways to keep afloat during tough times. One of the ways you can get cash now when you need it the most is to sell your structured settlement. So if you are wondering “how do I sell my structured settlement?” you are in luck.

How to Sell Your Structured Settlement

The first thing you want to do is to put in a call to an agent or team to review the terms of your settlement. Once they’ve done this, they will ask why you are selling, or why you need the cash now. The decision to move forward in selling the settlement will be based on if the agent or team feels it’s a good move. If they decide to do so, they will offer you an upfront sum of money to forgo any additional payments with your settlement including any discounted rates.

It’s not an all or nothing offer you have the ability to negotiate a better deal. When you do accept the offer, though, they will then go ahead in the process to file a transfer petition for your structured settlement through the court.

The judge of the court will make the final decision on whether or not the transfer is approved. The process of this decision and court proceedings will vary based on the state and jurisdiction of the company attempting to purchase your settlement. Typically, when everything is approved, you will receive your money within 90 days from the initial call.

Where to Sell?

When you make the decision to sell, you can start the process of looking for a sufficient structured settlement company, or even some banks may purchase them as well. Depending on where you live, you will want to do some research ahead of time to find out which companies in your area are more likely to purchase your settlement.

If all else fails, you can attempt to sell your settlement out of state to another company if no one in your area is interested in it. Just remember that when the petition for transfer is filed, this will go through the home state of the company attempting to buy it, not yours.


When you need money, selling you structured settlement may be the most viable option for you. Shop around first to find out who will offer you the best deal. You don’t want to give up your claim to timely payments throughout life to get a one lump sum that isn’t sufficient. Be sure once you’ve found out “how do I sell my structured settlement” that it’s the right decision for you.

Answers to how do I Sell My Structured Settlement

There are many organizations that will buy your structured settlement to give you the money in hand to pay off debt or help with paying the bills today. The process is somewhat lengthy and understanding it can be daunting.

When you are asking yourself how I sell my structured settlement, doing your due diligence and finding a reputable structured settlement broker that will help you through the process, and offer you the best return on it, will give you the upper hand. Making sure you understand the process of selling your structured settlement will also be a huge benefit to you.

When you visit any one of the structured settlement companies you have to make an application for the sale, and they will give you an offer that you can either accept or decline. If you accept, they will hire a lawyer and proceed with getting you an appearance in front of a judge. The judge will ask you questions regarding why you feel that selling the settlement is a good financial decision, so knowing that your reasoning is sound is very important.

Structured Settlement Brokers

There are many options when you are wondering how do I sell my structured settlement and making sure to research them is very important. Do they have a Better Business Bureau rating? What are other people saying about the company? How long have they been in the business of buying structured settlements and are they going to benefit you.

J.G. Wentworth

This company boasts that they are the best-structured settlement buyer in the business. They have a long track record of performance and have been buying structured settlements for over twenty years.

Peachtree Financial Solutions

Peachtree financial solutions have helped over ten thousand individuals sell their structured settlements. They have many favorable reviews by satisfied customers and provide help throughout the process of selling your structured settlement.

Fairfield Funding

With a consumer affair five star rating; Fairfield funding offers a long list of benefits when you are selling your structured settlement. They offer the best prices for your settlements, and they are backed by a one hundred percent guarantee. They offer fast closings, cash advances if needed and in as little as five days you could have your cash in hand.

When you need to know how do I sell my structured settlement, make sure to do your research into the structured settlement brokers, and make sure to get the best in the business. Answering questions like do I really need the lump sum now or is it just a luxury item and will getting the cash now be a benefit or will future payments help me in the long run, are important to answer honestly whether selling a portion or the entire structured settlement.

where do I sell my structured settlement annuity paymentsHow Do I Sell My Structured Settlement? Comprehensive Guide

Recipients of settlements usually have many questions, with the most common one being – how do I sell my structured settlement? It is important to educate yourself about the structured settlement process to ensure you get a good deal. If you need to cover increased costs of living, eliminate debt or simply live a better life, accessing your settlement funds now through selling the fixed payments and receiving a large lump sum is the best option.

However, before you utilize this option that guarantees fast cash and start changing your life, let us look at the question of how do I sell my structured settlement?

How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement?

First of all, you have to investigate and find out the reasons why you want to sell the structured settlement. It could be that you need money to make investments, start a business, and go to college, pay debts or even for getting married. Whatever the reason, you must first clearly outline your reasons as it will help you in answering the question of how do I sell my structured settlement?

One of the best places to do a search on how do I sell my structured settlement is on the internet. You can read through several customer reviews to find out the best company that guarantees better rates for the structured settlement. Ensure you do thorough research before narrowing down your options to a specific company.

Once you find a company you like, contact them and speak to a well-informed representative regarding how do I sell my structured settlement? Ask all the questions that you may have to ensure you understand the process completely. Do not make any rushed decisions here as it is a very important decision.

The next thing is to review the offer and scrutinize all the details. Make sure that you understand all the conditions included in the offer. It is always a good sign if you can easily reach the company for further clarification during the process of how do I sell my structured settlement?

The last stage of the process is getting a judge to approve the sale. A court must find that it is in the best interest of the applicant to sell the structured settlement. This applies to all people, regardless of age or gender. Obviously, how much attention or time any judge spends on analyzing if the decision of how do I sell my structured settlement will vary based on how well presented the case is. That is why it makes sense to only work with experienced structured settlements buyers.


How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement


There are a lot of queries around the internet with regards on “how do I sell my structured settlement”. Well, the first and basic step in order to sell structured settlements is to come up with the idea of the amount where the settlement should be sold and to find the appropriate buyer. Well, the internet provides with all the information that you are looking for.


The information on buyers with regards on conducting a sale includes the insurance company and the seller’s residence. If the seller proceeds with the sale, the said seller should provide copies on the annuity policy as well as the settlement agreement.


On the other hand, there are structured settlement brokers out there that you can rely on with regards to finding favorable deals on structured settlements. However, the sellers should be aware that the said brokers are not in the position to have an exclusive contract with the underwriter.


The Process


Annuitants can have immediate cash when they decide to sell a partition of their structured settlement to a selected settlement company. However, a certain amount of cost is involved in the process since the said settlement company will deduct the immediate cash from their own profit and taxes. In fact, selling of structured settlements is highly recommended to be avoided because it decreases the amount received compared to situation where it is not sold.


Basically, a seller would not incur costs that are not prepared or out-of-budget while selling the structured settlement. The funding company should be the one to handle all the legal and necessary expenses that will be incurred upon the process. The said process of selling structured settlements will take up around two months in order to be completed. To have a smooth and safe sale, you should carry along with you a legal professional, perhaps a tax adviser who is experienced with the said settlement arrangements.


On the other hand, the sellers should also have knowledge about the process of underwriting during the selling of settlements since this can help them to have a clear idea regarding the potential amount that they will receive upon the sale of their settlements. When the sale turns out to be in favor of the seller, the court will immediately issue an appropriate order so that the insurance company will send the necessary payments to the buyer.


Good news is that the transaction process is non-taxable for both the seller and the buyer. All the information we have discussed above will surely answer your question on “how do I sell my structured settlement” and at the same time ensure you a safe and favorable transaction process with regards to structured settlements.