Should I Sell My Structured Settlement Payments?


sell my structured settlementStructured settlement payment is an ideal solution when a certain case particularly a personal injury charge is in a state of being taken into a proper court hearing.  This can be the ideal approach if the plaintiff is you.  But in some distinct cases, receiving it may not be financially wise for the petitioner.  In case you are looking for the answer to the question “Should I sell my structured settlement payments” this article will serve as your guide in the whole process.  First, let us take a look on what structured settlement is.


Guide to the Question “Should I Sell My Structured Settlement Payments


Structured settlement is a type of monetary arrangement wherein the plaintiff goes into an agreement when resolving personal injury charge.  By agreeing on a structured settlement, the claimant will receive a scheduled type of payment as opposed to receiving a lump sum.  This is the more favorable term since the company is evading extra legal cost and the other expenses when undergoing a court trial.  Determining the amount of structured settlement is contingent upon future inflation, earn rates, and others.  However, there are some instances when this type of financial agreement is not the best for the plaintiff.  The question now is “should I sell my structured settlement payments”.


In the event that you went into a structured settlement but you figured out that receiving a lump sum will be more favorable for you due to some terms, you may think about finding a company that is ready to purchase your structured settlement, annuity or lottery prize.  It is essential for you to find a company that will offer you the best quote for your structured settlement.  Most companies will offer you around 70% of the real value of your payment and it can even get lower if they notice that you are in dire needs.  In case you are thinking on “should I sell my structured settlement payments”, it would be desirable to get a lump sum payment, but you should also guarantee that you are receiving the best value.


Some Things to Consider Should I Sell My Structured Settlement Payments

After you finally decided to sell your structured settlement and choose the company that will give you a lump sum, there are still a lot of things left for your consideration.  You will need to get the approval of the local court in order to conduct the sale.  The court needs to find out if it is in your best interest to sell your annuity.  This serves as a mode of protection for those people who are not unsure on their answer about the question “Should I sell my structured settlement payments”.


You need to have a valid reason such as for educational support, emergency need, medical funds, supporting a new venture and others in order to be approved by the court.  These are some of the things to consider should I sell my structured settlement payments.




Should I Sell My Structured Settlement?

should I sell my structured settlementThe question of should I sell my structured settlement is a quite important one since you are basically giving up a regular stream of monthly payments in order to get one lump sum. There are many reasons that could cause a person to think of selling their structured settlement. However, the criterion is usually quite simple – will you use the money to improve your life for many years to come? If you want to sell your structured settlement, it is recommended to use the money productively.

Buying a Home

One of the best answers to the question of should I sell my structured settlement is to buy a house. In many areas, houses represent a good investment. Obviously, you will need to buy at the right place and time and ensure you are not buying the home during a financial bubble. However, the money you get from selling part or all of your structured settlements can allow you to make a better down payment so that you get low interest rates, which ensures that your investment will pay off with time.

Paying for College

Different from traditional investments, learning is also another way of investing in you for the future. Before you take out the high-interest student loans that are usually charged to private students, you should consider the question of should I sell my structured settlement? The disadvantage of student loans is that the interest usually builds up over the years, which means that you will end up paying far more money than you would receive from your settlement. The better option is simply selling the structured settlement and investing in you by getting a college degree.

To Avoid Financial Disaster

Unexpected medical costs and unemployment can really destroy your cash in a heartbeat. If you’re facing the risk of declaring bankruptcy or losing your house, then using the cash of selling your structured settlement will help you get out of debt. Unlike getting refinancing, should I sell my structured settlement does not have any risks since your house will not be held as collateral. Actually, it offers a simple way to clear your debts in one simple action, which enables you to start afresh.


If you are wondering should I sell my structured settlement then it is the time you realized the benefits of taking a huge lump sum amount over the small regular payments. Provided you have plans on investing the money towards securing your future; you will not have any challenges selling your structured settlements. The next thing you need to do is to find a reputable dealer like us that can give you a good rate for your structured settlement.




Should I Sell my Structured Settlement? – A Common Question

should I sell my structured settlementThis is a question, the answer to which is rather complicated. However, if you are looking for guidance, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s begin by identifying what a structured settlement actually is.

Now, the first thing that you need to know is that these are settlements which are designated to satisfy the financial interest of a party which is entitled to monetary compensation stemming from a civil or corporate claim. To put it in simpler terms – if you’ve been involved in an accident, for instance, and instead of going to court you decided to settle with the one who caused it – the money that you negotiated are payable and due under this settlement. It’s called structured because it follows a certain pre-determined structure which includes terms of payment, the amount of every increment and many of the kind.

So, Should I Sell My Structured Settlement?

The quick answer is that you should consider doing so in the event in which you absolutely need to. And, if you are in a comfortable financial situation right now, this doesn’t mean that the tides won’t turn. Unfortunately, we live in uncertain economic times, and you need to consider quite a few scenarios.

When Should I Sell My Structured Settlement?

You should consider selling it when the need presents itself. For instance, if you need to meet certain unexpected expenses like car repairs or medical bills that can’t be pushed any longer – this might be a good time to consider selling your structured settlement.

The way this works is you are going to approach a specialized company which is going to make you an offer for the settlement. Keep in mind that this offer is always going to be lower than what you would have gotten if you waited out the debtor to pay it off, but that’s because the company that’s buying it needs to make a profit on the deal as well. What is more, you are going to be provided with the opportunity to receive a particular amount of money in cash at once instead of waiting out the entire period of the settlement. That’s what you need, and that’s what you are going to get.

From then on, your relationship with the debtor under the settlement is nullified and the company that purchased it becomes the successive creditor that’s going to be burdened with collecting the settlement payments. It’s pretty convenient, especially if you get the right offer.

I Want To Get Cash For My Settlement!”

After months of arduous court appointments, you’ve finally won the lawsuit, and all you can think of is the phrase “I want to get cash for my settlement as soon as I can.” This scenario is unbelievably commonplace, especially when the lawsuit that you had was done to cover lost wages, major medical bills, or similarly high price tag losses. With financial pressure building up, many of us simply can’t afford the time to wait for a settlement to be paid off in small installments. When that happens, it’s easy to feel as if you still somehow lost out despite having won the lawsuit.

If you’ve ever spoken to a friend who has said the phrase, “I managed to get cash for my settlement,” you may have thought that they were lying, or that they accidentally got involved with an online scam. This isn’t the case. In recent years, many parts of the US have seen an increase in companies that are willing to give people a lump sum of cash for their settlement payments. The companies that are giving people the cash they need en masse are legitimate companies, and the transaction is 100% legal.

Most people wonder how companies can make money off of these kinds of transactions if they are, in fact, for real. In most cases, there are small percentages typically taken out in these transactions, or at the very least, small fees that need to be paid. So while you are not getting 100% of all the money that is supposed to be awarded to you, you still get the majority of it, and that usually is more than enough to cover the costs that you incurred during the trial.

Clearly, some people will not like the idea of having their lawsuit money shared with another party, and will back away when they realize how the entire process works. Still, for most people who are under financial duress, being able to get the vast majority of your settlement in a nice lump sum is more than enough of a fair trade.

These kind of services provide a peace of mind that is all but necessary when it comes to tough financial times, and they are appreciated greatly by the people who need them. Those who are facing calls from collections agencies, as well as those who need to get their finances fixed pronto often find that getting the settlement money that they were promised in court in one big sum instead of the smaller payments that are commonly negotiated between parties tends to be a huge help. The entire process of getting your settlement money through a company such as this tends to take less than a week. So, if you need your money sooner rather than later, it’s time to reach out to the right group. Within a week, you too will be able to boast, “I was able to get cash for my settlement within a week.”



Sell Structured Settlement: Should You Do It?

In many civil cases, having a structured settlement is a common occurrence. This is often done by the guilty party to the aggrieved for the purpose of being free from any other liability in the future. This kind of payment is given in a periodic manner and not in a lump sum. It can provide the recipient with guaranteed finances for several years, depending on the amount of the settlement. While there are many people who loved the idea of the spread of payments, there are also some who do not like it. In this case, it is popular for people to sell structured settlement. Is it a good idea? Keep on reading and you will find it easier to make a decision.

Benefits of Selling Structured Payments

People who sell structured settlement can enjoy a wide array of benefits, with one of the most significant being the fact that it reduces waiting time for the payment to be settled. You can sell it and receive it in a lump sum. In turn, the party to which it has been sold to will be the one to claim the periodic payments. There are just some people who do not have the luxury of time to wait long before they can have the money. In this instance, selling becomes the most viable choice.

In line with the benefit that has been mentioned above, a lot sell structured settlement to cover their immediate expenses. If you have been hospitalized, for instance, and if you need money, selling your structured payment can give you the finances that you need. If you want to build a new house, buy a new car, or make new investments, you will also benefit from selling structured payments. Those who sell structured settlement can also use the money for settling their debts and starting their finances with a clean slate.

Where to Sell Structured Settlement

Before you start the process of selling, keep in mind that the amount that you will receive in a lump sum will be lesser than the total of the monthly installments that you are supposed to be receiving. One of the first things that you should do is to make sure that the company has a solid reputation. Read feedbacks or ask around so that you know where to sell structured settlement. Also, consider the payoff. Obviously, the best choice would be the one offering maximum value for the settlement. See to it that they will have a seamless process and exemplary service, making the procedure easier on your end. Carefully examine the contract before affixing your structure,

Indeed, you can enjoy a wide array of benefits if you decide to sell structured settlement. You just have to make sure of selling it to the right company to maximize its value.

Sell Your Structured Settlements – A Convenient Approach

Now, it’s worth noting that the country of the USA is thoroughly governed by statutory regulations which are set forth and are hereby in effect. Those provisions are almost always going to be the same as the ones set forth by the government as the idea behind continuous legislation is for it to be accepting. However, when the subject at hand is personal injury law, for example, the majority of people are going to prefer to settle their cases instead of going to court. The reasons for this are incredibly various, but it’s worth noting that if you get a settlement, which is called a structured settlement, and you expect to receive some sort of payment under this particular settlement you would be able to sell it for cash or to nullify a particular debt that you have. This is incredibly convenient. However, it’s important to understand why people prefer to settle their cases and why structured settlements are so common.

It’s Convenient

This is without a doubt the most important reason. One of the reasons that you’d be able to sell your structured settlements is because it was easy to obtain them in the first place. Trial is usually going to take a lot of time as it’s a lengthy procedure, considering the interests that it has to safeguard. However, an out-of-the-court settlement is incredibly convenient as it’s fast – you could pretty much reach it in a matter of hours if you and the opposing party manage to reach a compromising solution. This is why you might want to consider settling.

Sell Your Structured Settlement Because They Are Most Certainly Cheaper

You need to understand that an entire trial procedure in front of the first instance is going to cost you some money. The procedure itself is expensive, let alone the legal fees you’d have to cover for your attorney provided you want to rely on the services of one. This is the pleasant scenario under which the ruling doesn’t get appealed which is highly unlikely. The taxes in the second appellate court are even higher. You can see how this could stack up. Getting your structured settlement would require nothing but your presence and signature. Yes, you might have to pay your attorney, but it would be a fraction of what you would have had to pay if you went to pursue the matter at trial.

Sell your structured settlement because this is one of the ways to get out of debt. You are going to get less value than you would have if you received the entire payment of the settlement, but this is the insurance of the buyer.



Why Sell Your Structured Settlement?

why sell your Structured SettlementIf you’ve heard that you have the option to sell your structured settlement, you probably wonder why would you do it and how could it help you. Truth is, having a structured settlement means protection and financial security for a certain period of time after an accident, a compensation claim or a legal judgment, but our lives are ever-changing, and there is no telling what tomorrow might bring. Circumstances change, and it is important to be able to adapt and address changes. It is really easy to sell your structured settlement, but making the decision is more difficult because there are quite a few things your should take into consideration.

Health Problems have to be Addressed Immediately

First and foremost, there must be a valid reason to sell your structured settlement. In most cases, people need fast financing to address a health problem. Quite often, health problems are unexpected and require a lot of money in order to be dealt with. Having a medical insurance is always great, but it can’t address every health issue and all medical expenses. And people often don’t know what is covered by their medical insurance and what not, so it often comes as an unpleasant surprise. If you find yourself in such situation, the decision to sell your structured settlement might be your only option and can even save your life.

Make Your Life Better

There are many other prevalent reasons why people sell their settlement, but it the majority of cases it is to obtain financing to make their lives better. Having a structured settlement gives you flexibility, and it is a powerful financial tool. Buying a new home, covering your education expenses or expanding your business require a lot of financial resources and obtaining a loan is not always possible because of bad credit score and is certainly not advantageous for you.

To Sell or Not to Sell

In the fast-passed world we live in, taking a quick decision could often make the difference between success and failure or life and death. If you have a viable need for a lump sum, the decision to sell your structured settlement is the most convenient option you have. Finding money to address your health or other problems, or make your life better, can be difficult, but remember that your structured settlement is one of the safest financial solutions you have at your disposal. It requires no credit checks, leaves you with absolutely no debt to deal with, and you can greatly benefit from selling it in the long run.